5 Reasons to Visit Boracay This Summer

According to studies, this summer will be the hottest one we will have so far in the Philippines. The summer heat can be a big bummer most especially if you have decided to take a break. How can you enjoy your summer vacation, then? Simple. Take an escape. Back your bags, leave the urban jungle and spend the season in paradise.

Boracay is named as the best tropical beach in the whole world and is flocked by thousands of tourists from all over the country and the world. They are not only there for the island’s powder white sand but also for the many thrilling adventures that the island has to offer. A lot of people say that the island is so alive that it doesn’t seem to sleep. This serves true during summer. The island is at its liveliest during the summer season which makes it the perfect time to head over and have some fun under the sun.

1. The island is notorious for its party life. Although the night scene is alive all year round, it is at its best during summertime. If you are a party animal looking for a wild adventure this summer then visit Boracay on the first of May. Labor parties in Boracay are legendary most especially the one being held at White House, Station 1 every year. The parties are packed with tourists of all races making it a great venue to meet new friends or maybe even more. There are also local and foreign celebrities who perform during Labor Day parties. Every year, Labor Day parties keep getting bigger and bigger so don’t miss this year’s festivities! It is one party experience you won’t forget.

2. Holy Weeks in Boracay are also as lively. With the influx of tourists in the island, Boracay becomes more exciting as it is filled with fun activities and shows almost every day. Local and forei gn celebrities perform in different shows all over the island, fire dancers perform along the White Beach at night and dinner cruises sail more often. Celebrities roam the island freely during Holy Week. You can find them eating on the table next to you or even walking beside you at the beach. So if you want a star-studded vacation or if you want to hunt down your celebrity crush, Boracay during Holy Week is the perfect destination for you.

3. If you are not big on parties and if you are just looking for some clean fun, there are a lot of summer events this year in Boracay that you can take part in. For runners or for those who want to run after their celebrity crush (because a lot of celebrities join this race), then you should not miss the annual Boracay Skyathlon on April 25. The Boracay Beach Soccer Cup will also be held throughout the month of April and is a must watch for football fans. Likewise, you will be able to find your volleyball crushes playing in bikinis at the Nestea Beach Volleyball tournament which will also be held on April. The 7th Boracay International Dragon Boat Festival is also scheduled on April 23 to 25 and is an international sporting event you would want to witness. Dragon boat racers from all over the world compete during this festival making it one of the biggest events in the island.

4. Boracay is also a food lover’s paradise. With hundreds of restaurants all over the island, Boracay’s food scene is as diverse as the island’s crowd. Indian, Italian, American, you name what cuisine you prefer and the island definitely has something to offer. The island is also famous for the numerous eat all you can buffets at night so prepare not only your bikinis but also your tummy. However, if you dare to, the best time to enjoy food in Boracay is during the island’s Food Festival which is held each May. You will never see as much food in your life as this time of the year!

5. There is a never ending stream of events in Boracay but we should not forget what made the island famous in the first place. There is nothing more refreshing than taking a dip in the turquoise waters that surround the island or having a walk by the beach as the sun set paints the shore with a golden glow. Despite its commercialization, Boracay is still a beauty and beyond compare.

All work and no play can make you dull. It’s true. Every once in a while you should take a step back from the daily demands of your career or education. Take time to enjoy nature, to spend time with your loved ones or to meet new people. Get away this summer from the hustle and bustle of daily life and get lost in Boracay. The island awaits you!

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