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what to do in boracay

What To Do in Boracay for First-Time Visitors

“What to do in Boracay” seems like a question not to be researched for. The word Boracay itself could be associated with beach bumming, water activities, and of course, booze. May you be an international or local tourist, you surely would run out of time enjoying this beautiful island in the Philippines.

Waste no time as you follow this “what to do in Boracay” list as a first-timer:

  1. Be a tourist.

Just like any other tourist, act naturally. Don’t be shy to show that you are in awe of the beauty of the beach. If you want to touch the powdery sand, go play with it. If you want to take hundreds of photos of the Boracay sunset alone, then go ahead. Besides, probably half of the people you see around are first-time visitors, too.

  1. Go island-hopping.

When you think Station 1’s shore is lovely, then there’s even more wonderful when you explore. Puka Beach boasts a long line of white sand beach and its crystal clear waters, too. Crystal Cove Island, on the other hand, is another adventure. It’s an island where small coves, which would lead you to the sea itself, are located. It also has a trail around where you would pass by to view Boracay from at least 10 feet from above. This activity is almost part of anybody’s “what to do in Boracay” list.

  1. Eat seafood.

Where’s a better place to eat fresh seafood than in an island? Visit D’Talipapa and bargain for your picks. Restaurants nearby could cook your seafood depending on your liking.

  1. Do water activities.

It’s never a Boracay adventure without the adrenaline. The most popular activities include parasailing, banana boat riding, and paddle boarding. Also, take the chance to do helmet diving because this activity could only be done in few islands including Boracay.

  1. Buy souvenir.

You would find Boracay souvenirs everywhere on the island, especially around Stations 1 to 3. Find something that would make you remember your first Boracay trip. This could be in form of keychain, t-shirt, pouch, ref magnet, or even an anklet.

  1. Have a little staycation.

You’re in Boracay for a vacation, right? Then it’s time to shake the stress out and forget about the busy life for awhile. Find a comfortable and serene place such as Azalea Hotels and Residences Boracay. It’ll be best to find an accommodation which is away from the crowd but is accessible to the beach.

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